Bundesrepublik Deutschland (‘Berliner Republik’)

TranslationFederal Republic of Germany
CapitalCity of Berlin, Germany
Foundation23 May 1949
Country codes (ISO 3166)DE, DEU, 276
Vehicle registration codeD
Airports by IATA code (samples)BFE, CGN, DRE, DUS, ERF, FMO, FRA, HAJ, HAM, LEJ, MUC, NUE, SCN, STR, SXF, TXL
ICAO airport code prefixED, ET
Numeric RICS codes for companies (samples)0080: DB Netz AG, 1080: DB AG, 1180: DB Vertrieb GmbH
Top-level domain.de
UIC country codeD, 80
Official websitebund.de
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